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Green Pest Control Products

Organic Green Pest Control Products

We prefer Arbico Organics as our source for a wide range of natural and environmentally friendly pest control products. Their prices and selection are just the best around.  

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3 Reasons It’s Time to Switch to Green Pesticides

ToxicProtecting your garden from insects and other pests as well as making sure your plants have plenty of soil and room to grow are important aspects to gardening. That’s the main reason pesticides and weed killers have sold so well over the years, and why some form of pesticide is recommended in order to keep your garden in its best shape. The only problem is recent studies have shown that pesticides can cause some serious effects not only to your garden but to yourself. The following are the three top reasons you should consider switching to Green Pesticides as an alternative to traditional ones.

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4 Green Pest Control Products You Can Make in Your Own Organic Garden

Large and Small AphidsLooking around for pest control products can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to stay organic. Green Pesticides especially can seem almost like an oxymoron if you’re unsure of how manufacturers include chemicals in organic products at all. Fortunately for you, there are green alternatives to traditional pesticides that don’t harm your plants and can even be grown and produced by you. Be sure to research precise recipes before applying any solutions to your garden. The following are four plants you can grow, as well as the solution and results of a green pesticide alternative.

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More Benefits of Green Pesticides: Healthy Testosterone

Anyone who has ever had a garden, especially one including fruits or vegetables, can tell you that bugs and pests can be a big problem disproportionate to their size. For this reason, some form of pest control is necessary if you want to eat the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor.

However, not all pest controls are created equally. Green Pest Control is better for the environment and, surprisingly, human sexual health.

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Traditional Pesticides Vs Green Pesticides: Organic Solutions

Homegrown CarrotsThe prefixes “eco” and “green” can often be tossed about as buzzwords to attach to marketing slogans in order to get you interested in a product. From among the sea of marketing trends, however, these prefixes can also be incorporated into organic gardening and products designed to keep your garden healthy and earth-friendly. There’s more to being eco-friendly than buying energy efficient appliances after all.

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Why Organic Pest Control is Helping More than Just Your Garden

Organic-Food-Expensive-Cancer-Joel-Salatin-Polyface-FarmsWhether you’re just starting out, or have been gardening for quite some time, you’ve probably heard about Organic Pest Control, or at the very least you’ve wondered if there was a way to take control of your garden’s growth without the use of harmful chemicals. If you’re considering ways to help make, or keep your garden more eco-friendly, a great place to start is by making sure all of your pest control is organic.

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Avoid Online Scams When Hiring Green Pest Control Pros

For many, hiring a professional pest control company is a fact of life. When ants creep in or termites take up residence, letting a trained specialist handle the problem is the only way to go.

Even the best Green Pest Control Products will only address the symptoms of the issue – the visible bugs. Hiring a professional is the only way to get rid of the cause of pests – the hive or nest.

Stop Termites Without Toxins

Termites can cause extensive damage to the structural integrity of a house and a lot of other things too. They not only eat wood, they eat any cellulose based substance such as cardboard, books and some cloth. There are some things that can be done to prevent a termite infestation as well as some natural, non-toxic substances that will kill the insects. A professional pest control company that uses Green Pest Control Products will be able to determine how far advanced the infestation is.

So You Want To Start A Pest Control Business

Are you thinking about opening up a new pest removal business in your area? There is always room for another expert in the field. However, there are certain qualifications and expectations that must be met before you can embark upon your chosen career. There are also certain steps that you can take in order to make the process of starting your Environmentally Friendly Pesticides business a much smoother and less risky operation.
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Physical Problems of Not Using Green Pesticides

There is no doubt that using Green Pesticides can make a difference in protecting the environment. Mother Nature was never meant to be doused in toxic chemicals in order to protect crops from being destroyed by insects. What about the effects of these compounds on the human element? It’s highly doubtful that the human species was meant to be subjected to such chemicals either. In fact, many of the compounds that are used can have detrimental effects on human beings. What are some of these problems that you may be subjected to while others spray toxic materials around?

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Why Public Places Should Use Green Pesticides

If you’re heading out for an afternoon at the park with your kids or hitting up the golf links with your friends, the use of pesticides at these locations may be the furthest thing from your mind. For the sake of you and your loved ones’ health, though, you should consider how these places are treated for pests. Are harsh chemicals used, or does the park take a more natural approach? It’s something you certainly have a right to know. After all, in many cases it’s your tax dollars that help support these places.

Outdoor Pest Control Methods that are Safe for Dogs

Many commercial pesticides contain harsh man-made chemical formulas and components that are harmful to animals. If you are an animal enthusiast who owns pets, and especially one or more dogs, it is crucial to the ongoing good health of your lovable four-legged friends to use safe, all-natural pest control products for your lawn, garden and other outdoor home areas.

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How to Design with the Environment in Mind

Home redecoration can bring a fresh look to a space, but a new look doesn’t necessarily require you to be hard on the earth’s resources. Whether you’re redoing a room or accenting an outdoor space, it’s easy to do so in a way that’s easy on the environment. Below are five tips to an eco-friendly redesign.

1. Add Color and Elegance with Natural Accents

Keeping a variety of potted plants inside your home will liven up any room, and adding vibrant flowers to the beds outside your windows will ensure you always have a beautiful view of the outdoors. The big mistake that many well-intending nature enthusiasts make, though, is trying to protect their plants with harmful pesticides. However, such chemicals completely negate your environmentally-conscious design strategies, so make sure you always use Environmentally Friendly Pesticides. Protecting your plants from hungry bugs with Green Insecticides is a win for both you and your flowers.

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How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Proper preparation of your garden for spring doesn’t start when the season begins. In fact, most sources advise that green thumbs start their prep work as soon as summer winds down and cold temperatures roll in. Not to fret, though, if you haven’t started: it’s not too late to get a head start on your garden prep for next spring. Below are five tips to help you prepare your outdoor space for the impending sunshine.

5 Green Pest Control Products to Help Prepare for the Winter Months

When it starts to get cold outside, many the bugs, rodents and other pests begin to look for a warm place to spend the winter. If you’re not careful, that warm place can be your house. Because the house is also home to you, your children, and perhaps pets, it’s important to be sure that any pest control remedies applied in the home are completely safe. Fortunately, there are many Green Pest Control methods and products that are both safe and effective.

Experimenting With a Hydroponic Garden

Maybe you consider yourself a master gardener and are looking for a new challenge, or maybe you live in an urban area without much garden space. Perhaps your soil is not conducive to growing plants. Whatever your situation, there is a solution: hydroponic gardening. Just as its name implies, hydroponics is a way of growing plants in water with the help of mineral nutrients but without the use of soil. If you’re game to give it a try, here’s all you need to know about hydroponic gardens.

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Organic Pesticides to Promote Bee Safety!

Gardeners can roughly be divided into two schools of thought; those who happily spray chemicals on anything that infiltrates their beloved garden…be it of the green leafy variety or of the creepy crawly variety and those who are keen to find another path, one which is safer for our bee population! It’s possibly a little unfair to judge those who don’t have much time to dedicate to Organic Pest Control, or to cast aspersions on their methods of pest control, but it is fair to share some of the simplest forms of organic pesticides which are thorough in the elimination or the discouragement of pests which either eat or damage plants.

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Gardening Supplies to Stock Up on This Winter

Winter is probably the last time of year that you’re thinking about gardening, but this could be a mistake — at least, as far as your wallet is concerned. As soon as the end of summer, the basic gardening supplies that every green thumb (or green thumb in training) needs go on sale. Those deals often last until spring shows itself again.

Here is a list of supplies to add to your arsenal, as well as a few tips on how to prepare your garden before it’s time to start planting:

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5 Tips to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home This Winter

With cold weather comes the increased chance that rodents may become unwelcome visitors in your home. Any type of rodent – from rats to squirrels – may choose your home as an escape from the winter weather. Do not fret though; there are several precautions you can take to avoid a rodent invasion. Some of them are obvious, but others may be resourceful enough to surprise you:

The Best Plants for Winter Gardening

Winter is a blissful month, filled with holiday cheer and spirit. Gardeners change from their fall plants to their winter plants and begin the holiday season off in a fashionable manner. Each gardener has a preference as to what type of plants they prefer to season for the holidays. The array of flowers is in abundance for winter season and planting several might even be suggested. After all, what is winter without an abundance of those holiday flowers?

Gardening for all Seasons

Just as you’re excited to break out the garden gloves and shovels to prepare for the beginning of spring, it’s equally important to get your garden prepared for fall and winter. Once your annuals start browning and dying and the leaves start changing, you know it’s time to get to work. There are many things you can do to ensure the health and safety of your perennials, and many of these tips will benefit your annuals come spring time.